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Exchanging the Flip-Flops & Cowboy Boots for High Heels (only for few hours)

April 20, 2010

For a few days in May, I’m trading the flip-flops and cowgirl boots for high heels.  I’ve been asked to speak at The Bob Proctor Matrixx Event ( in Canada.  Although I totally despise being called an expert, I’m going to run with it and be a guest as their Social Media Expert.  I’ll be speaking on using Social Media for Business.  Social Media is a never ending learning process.  There is something new to learn everyday and that is one reason I have a hard time with the term “expert”.

This is going to be a whole new experience for me and my family.  Mom (me) is always here to get everyone out the door.  Whether it is off to work or taking my boys to school with lunches packed, clothes ironed (or thrown in the dryer for wrinkle release ), papers signed, homework checked or whatever it may be; it’s done by me!  Not that my husband wouldn’t help, it’s just never been an issue of someone else doing it.  Then I thought, “who’s going to water the garden or the flowers?”  When I approached my family about this adventure, there was nothing but quarter sized eye balls and wide opened mouths and a “are you serious”?  I stood firm and said I sure am. 

Q:  “But, Mom, who’s going to make sure all the soap is out of my hair?” 

A:  You’re planning on bathing while I’m gone?  I’m impressed.

Q:  “And who’s going to match my socks up?” 

A:  You or your Dad, or possibly MeMe?!  We’ll figure it out and y’all will make it just fine.  

Q:  “But, Mom you always take me to school and you’re the only one who drops me off at just the right time.”

After a big long discussion of who, what, when and where, my family agreed.  My boys gave me a hug and said “even though we will miss you, we’re very proud of you Momma and what you’re doing with your business and for other online business owners as well.”

I’m not a public speaker and don’t plan on starting now.  However, I do have some knowledge to offer, so why not just get up there and let it out.  I’ve been practicing on my grammar, as well.  I’ve also been trying to say “You All” instead of “Ya’ll.”  But, my husband pointed something out – “They asked YOU to speak and that’s just not YOU honey.” Oh man, he has a point.  Saying ‘Ya’ll’ is one of those things that’s just part of me being me

I’ve always enjoyed being the one behind the scenes; making things flow for my clients online and obviously my family at home.  I never had any desire to “go anywhere” but after some serious thought, I decided I’m going to do this!  Yes!!  I’m going to Canada.  Am I nervous?  Hell Yeah, but I can do this for the industry.

So, here’s to all of us – entrepreneurs, online business owners, virtual assistants and small business owners for getting out there and letting it be known about what exactly we do and how important each and every one of us is.  I’ll be kicking off the flip-flips and boots for a couple of hours and wearing my big girl shoes!

Wish me luck –


Social Media: Starting Out Right

January 12, 2010

Social Media: Starting out Right post can be read at

Look for more great posts in the near future!


November 25, 2009

               The last shreds of fall hold on like the stubborn leaves on an oak tree. You rake, and rake, but when you look up you realize they are still hanging there waiting for their OWN time to drop.

                This year, Thanksgiving seems like one of those leaves. We have to wait for it to come before we can spring open the gates of the Christmas season. Around here, our neighbors seem more eager than ever to get on with the season of giving. So many lights are already up, days before the turkey is served, and the sales started weeks ago.

                This eagerness points to the reason Thanksgiving is so perfectly placed. It might just seem like the road bump holiday that gets shoved out of the way in a mad rush to the Christmas season, but maybe instead, we should think of it as a starting point for all we celebrate at the end of the year.

                After all, how can we give, if we do not first know what we are thankful for?

                This year at Virtually Assisting You there are many blessings that bring us thanks. Family: who love and support us in what sometimes seems like a wild adventure. Children: who are the reason for the work we do. Friends: old ones who can be with us daily to bring joy and new ones that are physically miles away but always close in our hearts. Clients: whose enthusiasm is contagious, and whose success is part of our reward.

                We are thankful too, that the Internet is bringing us together in new ways. Social media is something to celebrate. It is an opportunity. And the chance to pass its power on to others is a great blessing.

                Thank you for your business.

                Thank you for your friendship.

                And as your thanks turns into giving this season, we wish you much happiness with those you love.

Taking a break – Getting Away in any Small Way

October 17, 2009

            Work and play are words used to describe the same thing

 under differing conditions. – Mark Twain        

            Mark Twain’s words are truer today than ever. The native of our home state knew that to be effective in your work life, you also need to know how to play. As you dive into social media marketing you are often mixing work with play. Personal relationships cross over into your work world. It may mean you forget the fun.

             You started this venture to be in control of your own destiny. You might have wanted to earn a little bit of extra money. You might have wanted to grow an existing business, or start fresh on your own. Now, don’t forget the fun that’s in the adventure.

            If you’re struggling with which move to make next, try getting away to figure it out. Everyone needs a break. When you get consumed in work, a step back may be the best thing for your growing business.

            You could take a virtual vacation (, but maybe you need a little more than that. Remember the world is a real place. Remember how to play. Put your actual feet in actual sand, or if you’re not able to do that, just find the best that your area has to offer and go do it. Stepping away for a few minutes, or a few days is a great way to unwind and think about what’s next.

            Play may be the best way to improve your work, and remember the enjoyment in it.

            So, our advice for this week is to check out the local “What to do” section of your newspaper. Get your family or friends together and put some extra “life” into your life. You might not be able to completely log off, but you should take time to enjoy the reward for your efforts and step back for a few days before diving into the grind again.

            Have fun.

Social Media Minute: Bringing it All Together

October 9, 2009

            When you use social media networking to build a business, your marketing efforts are about relationships. By using social media, you are trying to be everywhere your audience is, but you are also trying to make real connections with real people. It all may seem like a new way to connect, but it’s based on the old-style neighbor relationships we’ve been relying on for years.

            Consider a harvest time. When the crop is ready, people rely on the relationships they have with families and friends and their willingness to lend a helping hand to finish the work no one could do on their own. People connect. Then they help each other out, and increase financial stability and potential for themselves and others.    

            If you think about your social media interactions in the same way, then you’ll naturally understand three of the most important keys to making it work.

  1. Make sure what you’re offering is useful to those interested in your product/service. You can do this by offering links to other blogs and websites you find useful. It is important to be honest about your product and offer content and updates that will benefit your customer and make potential customers want to know more about you.
  2. Lend a helping hand, by helping people get started themselves. Promoting others will be one of the most rewarding ways you can build your own success. When you know someone else is trying to get the hang of social media marketing, let them know what sites or articles you found useful. Connect them with opportunities and take a moment to answer questions. The advantage of social media marketing is that, once you get the hang of it, you have a quick easy way to offer help and pay it forward.
  3.  Don’t forget to keep connected. You can join social networking sites, but if you don’t actively participate you will be missing the benefit. It is important to update and network on a regular basis. If the only time a neighbor showed up was at harvest, you might not think they were much of a friend.           

 Social media marketing, when done right, can have a significant impact on your brand awareness & product popularity.

Why use Social Media to Market your Small Business?

October 2, 2009

You may have heard a lot about social media, and how using it can be a great way to improve the bottom line for your small business. You’re right. But it can also be overwhelming and hard to understand exactly how it works, what it is and why it’s so important.

Social media marketing is just like face-to-face networking, only better. One reason it’s better, is because you can connect to more people online than you meet every day on the street.

Think about it this way.

Let’s say you start a business on the square in your hometown. How many people would walk through your doors every day? A few at first? A few dozen on good days? Maybe, you’d have some discouraging days where no one walked through the door at all.

When you connect through social media with your customers, it’s like thousands of people walking through your doors every day. They see your specials, hear about your new products and can even get expert advice from you.

You can easily see how the business owner who has thousands of people looking at their product every day will have more customers using their services, than the one who only gets the word out to folks who happen to drive through town, stop, park and walk into their store. 

If you want some more ideas about how social media can be used to help your business grow, how you can use it to connect to people and how that can translate to dollars in your pocket, just shoot us a line sometime. Or keep reading this blog. We’ll be doing our best to help out.

What gets you inspired?

September 25, 2009


What gets you inspired? For us inspiration sometimes comes when we sit on the back porch sipping a cold glass of lemonade. Other times, inspiration comes in front of a computer screen. Then there are times inspiration doesn’t want to come at all. We like to see people find their inspiration and expand their horizons. Maybe, you’ve already done that by jumping out of a formal office to grow your business, or maybe, that’s still a dream.

We’re starting this blog to talk about those things that get us inspired and get us connected; social media, virtual assistance, working from home, family life. Since we live in a small town, we know how important it is to have neighbors to help each other out. We want you to think of us as a neighbor (one you like).  If you feel like you need a little help or motivation, we hope you can find it here. This is a positive place where you can get some ideas on how to connect to new resources, to grow your business, or maybe just spend a little time hanging out with us on the back porch.


September 21, 2009

News, events, and service reviews coming soon!

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